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Mountain Rock Scramble - Grade 1

Experience Description

PRICE: 1 person £180pp 2 people £95pp 3-4 people £75pp 5+ people £55pp WHAT'S INCLUDED: Qualified and Experienced Local Guides Pre-Experience Support. An opportunity to have your outdoor experience catered to you, be it your first time scrambling or your next adrenaline hit, our local knowledge and experience means we have you fully covered . You will be supported by a fully qualified, friendly and experienced guide at all times, who has your interests at the heart of their decisions. We aim to complete one of the many Grade 1 scrambles that Snowdonia National Park has to offer. GRADE 1 - You can expect to use your hands and feet to navigate more technical terrain. GRADE 2 - At this grade you will begin to use climbing equipment as the gradient will steepen, and the technicality increases. GRADE 3 - Top end of the scrambling grading system. At this level you are the closest to rock climbing you can be.

  • Snowdonia National Park

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