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What do you wear for Wild Swimming?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Wild swimming is fast growing to be the buzzword of modern water sports, possibly behind SUP/Paddleboard. It's most likely sparked the curiosity of many as to what it is and to maybe giving it a go. "What do I wear?", You ask. Well, here we will try and give you an idea of common options that we know of, and we will try to make it easier to understand by breaking it down into key sections:

Wetsuit or Skins? - Probably the greatest question of them all!

It's really down to personal choice and your ability to withstand the colder temperatures in the water. You definitely do not need to invest in an expensive techy wetsuit to begin. Give skins ago first, you may just surprise yourself! (advisable to start in summer for lowest shock value).

It is a common chat to hear that the health benefits are greater without a wetsuit and we can definitely attest that it feels much more invigorating and sensual having water in direct contact with the skin. Ultimately you may find that you just want to stay warmer for longer in the water, and a wetsui