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TIME4 'Starting-up'!

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Croeso! (Welcome) We are Matt & Elle, a couple based in North Wales and we have finally gone ahead and taken the first steps in the journey to create our very own start-up in the provision of Outdoor Adventure Experiences here in the most stunning of UK locations, North Wales. After years of our own adventures and years working in the outdoors across the UK and overseas, we have decided to combine our passions to create some cracking itineraries.

We are super excited to provide unique & personal experiences, with a long term goal to improve accessibility, connection with experiences and the environment, and continue to build good relations between the tourism industry and the surrounding community that bears that weight of the influx of its visitors.

Sustainability is a key aspect of what we would like to work towards and promote and even if it is on a very modest level such as litter picking and reducing plastic, or minimising numbers in key areas and promoting other beautiful lesser known areas in the beginnings, it's at least in the right direction.

We are just a small fish in a very big and busy pond, but have faith that in time our personal approach and unique experiences will begin to sell themselves and word will spread.

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