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However please contact us with your request to see how we can support you.

Practice -
Teams must complete one of the required training options
Qualifier - 2 days, 1 nights
Planned Activity - 6 hours each day
Environment - Normal Rural Countryside – familiar and local to groups.

4-7 participants in a team
Accommodation - Camping or other simple self-catering accommodation (e.g. camping barns or bunkhouses).
*At Bronze level only, the Assessor may also be the Expedition Supervisor.

DOWNLOAD full list of 20 Conditions

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To improve accessibility of the award scheme, a 'Practice Expedition' is NO LONGER REQUIRED to be completed prior to the 'Qualifying Expedition'. The Bronze Training Framework has been updated to emphasise the need for participants to ‘understand and demonstrate’ specific skills before their qualifying expedition. 

The DofE scheme hope that by increasing the opportunities of having a more positive experience in the great outdoors as a result of these changes, more young people will be motivated to continue their DofE experience by progressing to the Silver Award level.

In response TIME4EXPERIENCE offer two packages for Schools & Groups (see below)

Below are examples of Bronze expedition itineraries but are subject to change to best suit group and conditions on the day.

Training & Practice Expedition

DAY 1 - Training

  • Tents & Camp Management

  • Map Skills & Navigation

  • Afternoon walk

  • Cooking & Safety

  • Qualifying Route Cards

DAY 2 - Practice

  • Bag Packing & Fitting

  • Day Walk - Full Kit

  • Further navigation skills

  • Discuss Countryside Code

  • First aid skills

DAY 3 - Practice

  • Depart with full kit

  • Day walk

  • Remote supervision and check pointing

  • Debrief by group leader

Qualifier Expedition

DAY 1 - Qualifier

  • Meet & Greet

  • Kit Check & Bag Pack

  • Confirm check points and review hazards and emergency procedures 

  • Group complete planned route

  • Supervised Tent Build

  • Supervised Cooking

  • Confirm locations of on-call staff

DAY 2 - Qualifier

  • Agree day check points review hazards and emergency procedures

  • Group pack down camp

  • Group complete planned route

  • Assessor debrief (group presentation where planned)

  • Use of our group equipment.

  • Expedition kit for those who don't have it.

  • Tents Trangia stoves + pans and fuel
    Group First aid kits
    Maps and Compass
    Group shelters
    Coloured Rucksack covers
    Water Purification

  • Comprehensive training covering all aspects of the DofE syllabus.

  • Supervision by qualified staff throughout the expedition. All of our staff hold the relevant leader qualification and are first aid trained and DBS checked. 

  • DofE Accredited Assessors for the qualifying expedition.

  • Camping fees. Camping will be on a campsite, sometimes with limited facilities.

  • All Logistics

  • 24 hour Emergency Back-Up

  • 1 free staff place for every 14 participants.

What Do You Need To organise?

Despite most things being provided in our packages we do require some planning and organising from the individuals who would like to participate

  • All your own Food

  • Personal equipment Waterproofs, Boots, Sleeping bags, Roll mats.

  • Try to recruit as many people to join you as possible to increase the chances of the expedition going ahead

  • Confirm the completion of any in-house administration with in your organisation, school or group to authorise the expedition.

  • Plan transportation to and from the expedition venue yourself. You are welcome to use public transport for this.


We invite you to contact us directly and discuss your requirements at any time.

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